Airbnb Community

A shared digital space where hosts exchange supportive and useful ideas to foster a feeling of belonging anywhere.

Airbnb Community

About the Project

Community enables users to advocate for the brand, drive loyalty by encouraging habits, engage users both online and offline, and increase user-generated content, thereby increasing SEO.


Strategy lead, lead designer on Phase 1


Research & Insights

Airbnb Mockup Insights

Conducted interviews with hosts and internal stakeholders, gaining initial insight on critical needs.


Airbnb Mockup Roadmap

Created illustrative stories based on Airbnb's existing journey maps to envision the future of the community and its impact to hosts and guests.

Journey Mapping

Airbnb Mockup Story

Translated high-level, strategic stories into tactical, functional journey maps that could be used for design and development.

Solution Architecting

Airbnb Mockup Story

Applied the Lithium platform to the journey maps to create functional requirements, and prioritize those requirements against existing capabilities and future opportunities.


Airbnb Mockup Story

Used the stories, as well as external research and interview insights, to plan out a multi-phase delivery map (currently in flight).

Design & Content

Airbnb Mockup Story

Once Phase 1 (MVP) imperatives were established, worked alongside a design colleague to develop the responsive ecosystem. Applied the work iteratively in a stage environment to be used as part of latter research (user testing via a prototype).

Airbnb Mockup Story


The community has been performing well in its initial year of activity:


With Airbnb, I learned to think fast! But speed comes at a price: