Barclaycard Travel

Architected an online community aligned to a nationwide travel credit card product.

Barclaycard Travel

About the Project

Barclaycard Travel is a revenue-generating travel site that rewards credit card customers with airline miles for participation. Community members are proven to spend more yet have a lower revolving balance compared to cardholders who don't participate.


Client-facing project lead, site envisioning and story developer, user experience architect (wireframes and prototyping), front-end development and visual design consultation.


Solution Architecting

Barclaycard Mockup Flowcharting

Identification, registration, and authentication were challenging aspects of this project requiring an elevated attention to detail.


Barclaycard Mockup Wireframing

I wireframed this project using OmniGraffle, taking into a account a high level of business-level and interactive annotation for development quality.


Barclaycard Mockup Design

I partnered with a talented senior designer to ensure that creative design promoted the brand, the product, and travel inspiration.

Future Envisioning

Barclaycard Future Envisioning

We knew the first phase wouldn't deliver the end state, so I continued to develop user stories that promoted mobility, gamification, and travel deals.


This project won two Lithium "Lithy" awards in 2014 and 2015. It also produced solid business results:

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Barclaycard Results


With Barclaycard, I learned how to fuse a product with a digital space: