Bank of America

Designed eCommerce and in-store technology solutions that have helped to modernize consumer banking.

Bank of America - China Construction Bank Partnership

About My Role

I held roles in project management, UX design, internal digital processes, and digital product innovation during my seven-year tenure at Bank of America.

I own a patent, introduced agile design, consulted with China Construction Bank in Beijing & Guangzhou, modernized UX technology, and led a usability study to determine video conferencing best practices for its nationwide branches.


Project Management

Bank of America Teller Kiosk Project

I co-led a nationwide teller kiosk pilot project (the precursor to today's video teller ATMs) to automate standard teller transactions, making the process quicker for customers, and easier to manage for tellers.


Bank of America UX Design Process

In addition to interaction design work with mortgage and small business divisions, I managed a UX technology conversion from PCs to Macs, Microsoft to Adobe, and introduced rapid prototyping into the design process. The result led to higher associate satisfaction and quicker delivery times.

Product Innovation

Bank of America Product Innovation

I received a patent for an interactive digital tool for in-store sellers that could be delivered for Microsoft Surface. I also led a usability effort to test the efficacy and utilty of Cisco Telepresence for Merrill financial analysts. That capability is deployed in many BofA branches today.

Public Speaking

Bank of America Public Speaking

I visited China Construction Bank to consult on UX best practices. During my first visit, I spoke to a large audience on the importance of standard processes for repeatable, measurable success. During my second visit, I worked with small groups at lower levels, discussing design annotation best practices and rapid prototyping techniques.

Bank of America Knowledge Gained

Example of the video telepresence experience I usability tested to ensure the experience met associate and customer needs

Knowledge Gained

As both an individual contributor and design manager, I learned how to manage enterprise projects in a way that's fact-based, candid and honest, but to communicate that honesty in a way that's respectful and positive. I also learned the importance of measurement and process as key ingredients to success. I cut my teeth on the following: